Our Story

What makes Filia Cellars different?  We try to produce wines for everyone's palate.  If you like sweet, we suggest Callie.  Named for Mitch's daughter, Callie is made from 100% Ohio Niagara grapes.  If you like BIG dry reds, we suggest Isabella or Hannah named for Lisa's girls.  Isabella, named for the youngest daughter is produced from traditional Bordeaux varietals, while Hannah, Lisa's oldest is created from a blend of rich and dark berry Rhone grapes.  The reds are 100% grown on our California family estate, Crimson Hill Vineyard that is hand harvested.  Dedicated to sustainable farming practices, Lisa's dad, Gregory Graham has the highest commitment to producing the best grapes in the Red Hills AVA.  Our white,rose and fruit wines  were made using the best locally sourced fruit.

Lisa's family began growing grapes in Westlake circa 1902.  When Greg moved the family west to Napa Valley in the 1970's he began his wine making career which has produced internationally award winning wines for many years.  If you are ever out in Northern California, feel free to stop in at his winery and meet the inspiration behind Filia Cellars!  Gregory Graham Wines

Lisa is making and adding new wines to the portfolio all the time.  Stop in to taste the new wines and make new friends.  When the weather cooperates, we are a dog friendly winery property, so you can bring your friendly pooch and have a glass of wine outside or on the porch.  Feel free to bring your own picnic, but we will offer an assortment of delicious cheeses, meats, crackers and of course chocolate to match with your wine purchases. 


Come and taste the experience for yourself.