Music typically begins at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted


March-April 2021

Saturday, March 27  Katie Robinson 6-8pm

Friday, April 2, Katy Robinson 

Saturday, April 3 Ray Conde  

Friday, April 9  Gabe Reed

Saturday, April 10  Greg and Jill duo

Friday, April 16  Music Trivia

Saturday, April 17  Jim Gill

Friday, April 23  Robin Roseberry

Saturday, April 24  Dave Sizer 4-6pm and Steve Reilly 6-9

Friday, April 30 Katie Robinson

May 2021

Saturday, May 1  Ray Conde

Friday, May 7  Half Craic'd 

Saturday, May 8  Al Bonnis

Friday, May 14th  Tim Razor

Saturday, May 15th  Jim Gill

Friday, May 21st  Gabe Reed

​Saturday, May 22 Greg and Jill duo

Friday, May 28  Robin Roseberry

Saturday, May 29  Dave Sizer 4-6, Steve Reilly 6-9

June 2021

Friday, June 4  Katie Robinson

Saturday, June 5 Ray Conde

Friday, June 11  Tim Rasor

Saturday, June 12  Greg and Jill duo

Friday, June 18  Gabe Reed

Saturday, June 19  Jim Gill

Friday June 25  Brad from Orion

Saturday June 26  Dave Sizer 4-6, Steve Reilly 6-9

July 2021

Friday, July 2  Katy Robinson

Saturday, July 3  Past Time

Friday, July 9  The Predictables

Saturday, July 10  Jim Gill

Friday, July 16  Greg and Jill

Saturday, July 17  Gabe Reed

Friday, July 23  Tim Rasor

Saturday July 24  Brad from Orion

​Sunday, July 25th First Annual Filia Cellars Golf Outing register here!

Friday, July 30  High Moon Hermits

Saturday, July 31  Dave Sizer 4-6, Steve Reilly 6-9

August 2021

Friday, Aug 6 Katy Robinson

Saturday, August 7 Ray Conde

Friday, Aug 13

Saturday, Aug 14 Greg and Jill duo

Friday, August 20  Gabe Reed

Saturday, August 21  Jim Gill

Friday, August 27  Walking In Circle

Saturday, August 28  Dave Sizer 4-6pm  Steve Reilly 6-9pm

Sept 2021

Friday, Sept 3  Katy Robinson

Saturday, Sept 4 Ray Conde

Friday, Sept 10

Saturday, Sept 11 Greg and Jill duo

Friday, Sept17 HALF ST PATTYS DAY PARTY W Half Craic'd

Saturday, Sept 18  Jim Gill

Friday, Sept 24  Gabe Reed

Saturday, Sept 25  Dave Sizer 4-6 pm, Steve Reilly 6-9

October 2021

Friday, October 1  Katy Robinson

Saturday, October 2 Ray Conde

Friday, Oct 8

Saturday, October 9  Greg and Jill duo

Friday, October 15  Gabe Reed

Saturday 16 Jim Gill

Friday, October 22  Robin Roseberry

Saturday, October 23